Wacky News for 8/1/2012


Bath salts has a new cousin, apparently.

Levan Allman, Florida Man, Allegedly Stabs Friend While High On Cloud 9 So She Won’t Eat Him

A South Florida man, reportedly high on synthetic marijuana, told police he attacked his friend with a meat cleaver because the television told him she was going to eat him, according to a police report obtained by Local 10.

Police report that Levan Allman, 24, was smoking Cloud 9 with Divia Bell in the backyard of his Sunrise home on Saturday. When she fell asleep, Allman allegedly went inside to watch television before coming back outside with a butcher knife and stabbing Bell four or five times.

During the attack, according to the Sun Sentinel, Bell asked him, “Why are you doing this?,” which prompted Allman to call 911 and confess what he did. The attack left Bell with slashes on her head, arms and hands. She was taken to the hospital.

When police arrived, a smiling Allman told cops, “I’ve been smoking spice,” according to the police report.

Allman was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and violation of his parole. He is in jail on a $10,000 bond.

On June 25, Sunrise joined other South Florida cities banning synthetic pot and bath salts, another synthetic drug.


I’m thinking this didn’t work out as she had hoped.

Christine Stoudemire Allegedly Tried To Bribe Cop With $15 To Get Fake ID Back In Florida

When a cop takes away your fake ID, what’s an alcohol-desiring teen to do?

One Florida woman’s solution was allegedly to go capitalistic and try to make a deal.

On July 27, Officer Christopher Hernandez pulled over a silver Honda after observing it weave in and out of lanes and make a wide right turn, according to a police affidavit obtained by The Huffington Post.

After stopping the vehicle in Ponte Vedra, Hernandez said he noticed that the driver, Christine Stoudemire, 18, was slurring her speech and smelled of alcohol, the Sun Sentinel first reported.

As Stoudemire was fiddling around in her wallet for identification, Hernandez spotted a driver’s license from South Carolina located in front of the Florida-issued card that Stoudemire eventually handed over to the deputy.

Hernandez informed the allegedly boozed-up Stoudemire that he was going to conduct field sobriety tests.

The suspect refused, according to Hernandez. The cop placed the teenager under arrest for suspicion of DUI.

The suspect was detained in the police vehicle and transported to a nearby jail, the affidavit said.

Stoudemire wasn’t buying the charges, though, allegedly telling Hernandez that she’s driven “way more times like this.”

Upon later inspection of the possessions in Stoudemire’s vehicle, Hernandez alleged that Stoudemire’s South Carolina license is fraudulent.

The South Carolina license read that Stoudemire’s date of birth is November 22, 1989.

According to the police report, Stoudemire’s actual birth date is November 22, 1993.

But Stoudemire wasn’t giving up her license to purchase alcohol so easily.

En route to the prison, the teenager asked Hernandez not to take away the South Carolina ID, because “it took her months to be able to get the money” for it, the cop said in the police report.

Stoudemire then allegedly offered Hernandez $15 to buy it back.

The suspect was charged for a traffic offense and for third-degree fraud.

According to the University of Tampa, possession of a fake ID is punishable for up to 5 years in prison.


I’m not advocating road rage, but I defy anyone to tell me that this video didn’t make them smile.

Angry merging motorist gets clever revenge

While we don’t condone road rage of any kind, it’s hard not to be at least mildly impressed with the creativity employed by the SUV driver in the dashcam video below. After all, he was observant enough to notice that the sedan had its windows open..

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14 Responses to Wacky News for 8/1/2012

  1. XxduckmeatxX says:

    1…What did the TV say to him? That it’s a dog-eat-dog world?

    2..She had to be really drunk or stupid to think that a $15 bribe would get results.

    3..Funny how getting behind the wheel brings out the primeval instincts in people!

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  2. Jerry Riter says:

    1. More laws won’t help. Divia Bell needs to choose her friends more wisely.
    2. One of the benefits of alcohol is how smart it makes you.
    3. Total IQ’s in this video wouldn’t equal ambient temperature. Treat stupid drivers like angry women; avoid, avoid, avoid!

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    • Rick says:

      1. Just because she was there while he was getting high on “spice” I’m gonna say that I doubt that she’s likely to choose better friends.
      2. Absolutely. At least at the time you think so, anyway.
      3. I don’t think both drivers were stupid. One of those 2 should have allowed the other to merge. I’m inclined to think that the truck had every right to be pissed off, and I love the way he handled it.

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  3. Judie Mishele says:

    1. Just when you thought it was safe to get high… more zombies.

    2. Here’s a kid with priorities… I’m going to save my money so that one day I can afford to get drunk and endanger the lives of others!

    3. So… was this a cops dashboard cam??? I’m wondering about the ballsyness of the drivers jocking for the road right in front of him, and why he didn’t intervene?

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    • Rick says:

      1. I know. And here we thought that phase was over.
      2. Yep, that about sums it up.
      3. I suspect it wasn’t a cop’s camera, because I thought the same thing, but then I have to wonder who else has a dash-cam. Maybe a news reporter?

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  4. Malka says:

    1. Preemptive violence, just great. The headline is hysterical, though.

    2. Stupid drunk just didn’t know when to quit.

    3. This is sweet!

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  5. trisha says:

    love the car wash

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  6. Brady says:

    1. Aha. Violation of parole. These stupids just won’t learn.
    2. Maybe she just figured that a Hispanic would do anything for a blonde bimbo.
    3. And now I wonder what happens after the video clip is over. The driver of the sedan looks pretty angry at that point.

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    • Rick says:

      1. No, they won’t, except from what their televisions tell them.
      2. She figured wrong. Plus she wasn’t all that attractive.
      3. Yeah, he does, but sadly we’ll never find out.

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  7. Sara says:

    1. Its hard to believe that someone that smokes spice, attacks a friend with a knife because the tv told him to would be on parole :)

    2. A fake ID, been there :) Having a fake ID to drive drunk, not me! Maybe she should have tried $16?

    3. I am not saying its right but it was a well thought out plan that worked :)

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    • Rick says:

      1. I know. I found it difficult to believe also.
      2. Or some non-monetary compensation might have worked.
      3. Yes, it was, and it made me smile.

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